Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There is a hole (although it's not very deep).

Above is the water that is still left over from the previous day's debacle with the drain tiles. Called the developer today, but haven't heard back yet.

Jack likes the rocks ("big rocks") that make up the temporary driveway.

It was snowing a bit and it got dark early so it was hard to get any good pictures, but it looks like there is a real hole there. It is not as deep as we expected, but we think it's because a lot of the dirt that they are digging out will be used later to build up the lot to the acceptable grading level as called for in the development plans. We'll ask about that tomorrow or Friday.

There is a bunch of hay put down to protect the area from the weather.

Jack enjoyed the experience of "looking at the dirt"

Above is the dirt! (and in the background you can see our neighbors to the west.


These are pictures of the excavators preparing to leave our lot earlier in the day (right before dark).

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