Saturday, March 7, 2009

The siding has been started. It should be finished next week. We met with the electrician. He should complete his work M-W next week.

"Don't panic, Chris." That's what the builder told Chris when she called to ask him why the siding was not the right color. :) It is primed so that it can be painted the right color. That will happen soon enough.
Above is the front door. It is a temporary construction door, but the side panels of the actual door are in. You can see that there is a metal stripe thingy in the glass.

Above is the east side of the garage. My car is in in the background of the picture. It is at the street where the driveway will eventually extend to.

Above is the back of the garage on the left, the kitchen window in the middle, the kitchenette "bay" on the right, and lots of mud on the bottom of the picture.

Above you are looking up at the windows to the second floor computer room.

Above is the back of the house. The picture shows the living room window, the back bedroom windows, and two of the exposed windows from the basement.

Exposures above.

These are the exposures from the inside.

This is the hanging furnace that they need in the basement to get it all set up for puting in the basement floor. That is expected to be done soon.

This is the ladder that Jason climbed down to get to the basement. And climbed back up again! The carpet people are not sure how to calculate carpeting for a ladder so we might have to get stairs eventually.

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