Sunday, March 1, 2009

The tubs are in for the master bath and the upstairs bath.

This is the front of the fireplace. They actually sent the wrong fireplace box so we accidentally got an upgrade to a slightly bigger fireplace. It's about the size that our current one is on Heatherly. Unfortunately, then they installed gas into it. It's supposed to be a wood-burning fireplace so we'll see what happens with that. UPDATE: Since they put in the gas piping already, it isn't going to cost too much more to add a gas we're doing that. This will allow us to have a wood-burning fireplace, but if we don't feel like using kindling to start the fire, we can start it with the gas loglighter. Another accidental upgrade. Yay.

This is the mini-closet in Jack's walk-in closet. The builder and the carpenters realized they could add this extra storage space so it's pretty neat. They just have to get it past the inspectors. They are planning for that.

This is what the arches look like. This one is the arch from the foyer going into the dining room.

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